Dry Creek Bed Landscaping Stones

Sep 13th

Dry creek bed landscaping gives an attractive, natural alternative to the plants, flowers and grass. While large garden stones can form walls or walkways, smaller rocks and gravel also be used for a variety of administration purposes. Small landscape stones come in a variety of sizes, shapes and types, and choosing the right type for your purposes can add character and distinction to your landscape projects.

Image of Instructions For Constructing A Dry Creek
Image of Instructions For Constructing A Dry Creek

Rock Mulch

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As an alternative to wood mulch, compost gives the mountain permanent mulch bed that won? Flow away in rain or blow away in high winds. Rock compost stones are usually small stones or pebbles and do not require annual replacement. Dry creek bed landscaping compost can be used in rock gardens or herb gardens, but is not appropriate for perennial flower beds. Rock mulch absorbs a lot of heat and can increase water loss or damage to plants that cannot withstand prolonged heat.

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River Rock

Dry creek bed landscaping so named because they come from ancient river beds or other running-water environments where erosion action of the water caused the rocks to become rounded and smooth. River stones come in a variety of sizes, and the smaller rocks and gravel can make good ground cover. River stones in combination with landscape fabric can protect the plant roots and retain moisture, particularly in low rain or dry climates.

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Like the river rocks, beach pebbles are small, rounded stones. These come from the coastal areas where the waves have eroded rough stone capped forms. Well suited as ground cover, these stones used in mosaic and landscape features to dry river beds. They can also be used as a large area of ​​ground cover instead of grass or turf. A number of plants are both no thirsty and colorful. Some may be reserved as visual centerpieces, such as Ocotillo. While their high sharp stores branches burst up with deep orange flowers after a rain, they would be a danger to children playing tag that can run into the facility. Instead, plants such as oleander, without spines, and the bougainvillea climbing on a trellis is a better bet for backyard use.

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