Cheap Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Oct 28th

Fire pit landscaping ideas – Build a simple backyard fire pit with rocks or concrete rubble buried in the ground. So it looks attractive, you need to do some strenuous dirt work, but the results will look good and will certainly contain a fire in a satisfactory way the local authorities, in most cases. Check with your local fire marshal at first, but if there is a height or material requirements are unique to your area.

Patio Fire Pit Designs Ideas

Instructions to build fire pit landscaping ideas cheap. The ideas is adding stones. First, dig a circular hole five feet in diameter at the chosen location for the pit. Digging hole at least 4 inches deep and stacking the dirt to one side. You will need it later. Then add the stones on the ground in a circle around the fireplace. Fit shapes together like a puzzle to form an attractive arrangement. Furthermore, use your level to ensure that the tops of the rocks form a level walking surface around the pit. If any stones are high, remove them and dig out the lowering their peak level with the other stones.

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Shovel loose dirt between the stones up to about half the thickness of the stones to hold them firmly in place. Tampering loose dirt firmly between the stones with the end of your shovel handle. Using the remainder of dirt to create a slope away from the edge of the stone circle. The last steps to make your fire pit landscaping ideas cheap, fill the interstices between the rocks or concrete rubble with pea gravel. Slope the gravel from the inner edge of the stone ring into the furnace. Fill in the middle of the pit with two to three inches of sand and you are ready to build a fire. Enjoy your fire pit in the backyard.

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